Litigation Support

J.T. Welch LLP

J.T. Welch LLP is a communication consulting firm specializing in instructional and safety-related information of all types, with emphasis on providing experienced, knowledgeable, and reliable support to our client base.

Services offered include:

Consultation on and Development of Safety-related Communications, including owner's and operator's manuals, packaging, and on-product labels for industrial clients.

Evaluation, development, writing, and rewriting of manuals and instructions with regard to human factors and warnings issues. Our goals include providing clear instructions consistent with government, industry, or other standards as appropriate. Organization, design, and writing of material for greatest communication effectiveness; particularly of safety and warning information, in conformance with standards and current research on information transmittal and cognition.

Testing of Safety Information. Testing and evaluation of product information using empirical methods, or focus groups and sample consumer groups.

Communication Training. Development and administration of training for client personnel such as consumer-relations departments, management personnel.

Product Liability Litigation Consulting. Risk Management, evaluation of exposure, and expert testimony regarding warnings issues and product liability.